Our mission


Our founder, Theresa Gloria-Palma has more than 18 years of outreach experience.  

 Formerly a stay at home mom, Theresa decided to create a much needed support group for Latino families. In 2005 LETI Foundation (LETI) was formed for parents in search of resources for raising a child with a disability. Through LETI, she hopes to offer emotional support and mentoring that provides comfort and knowledge for parents and guardians looking to get advice, prevent frustration, encouraging self determination and knowledge in navigating the system and supports available in the Phoenix area.

Our Members

Our Background

If you live in the metro area, you can call to set up a time to meet in your home or a location convenient for you. However, don’t worry if you don’t live near us. We have social media to help us stay in touch with a press of a button at 480-567-6148

Our Locations

"Mentor Volunteers" are always a blessing, we are open to parents & guardians who enjoy reaching out to new parents and season parents who are experiencing transitioning into adult lifestyle with their loved one. Mentors bring comfort and knowledge to parents and enjoy sharing their own experiences and wisdom. For more info, call us at 480-567-6148

Our members come from all walks of life. Anyone is welcome to join our club.  We do not charge a membership fee; We are open to new ideas to improve our services to families. 

LETI Foundation 

We strive to provide current, accurate information your family can depend on. We aim to:

  • Serve families as a not-for-profit, all services are volunteers services.
  • Upload the latest and greatest healthcare news and advice on a regular basis and local upcoming events/workshops for families & providers.
  • Respond to our members’ inquiries in a timely manner
  • Collaborate with other agencies and providers to direct you to best of available resources.
  • Promote positive environment for all families who join our club.